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Product description

One of the first things to look for when trying to fix a belt breakage problem is to make sure that the belt is designed to work with your vacuum cleaner model there is no one size fits all. There are thousands of different models on the market each requiring a different size belt to the next. Incorrect usage of a wrongly fitted belt will lead either to another broken belt, or even a damaged vacuum cleaner. All vacuums state the make & model number on the body panel which you will need to know, the actual belt itself should have the ID number printed on it. Referring to your instruction manual may also help you find the proper belt number for your vacuum. Write down the make / model number and take in your belt to the store. For most vacuums the belt goes over the motor spindle & over the brush roll. There should be a lot of tension in the new belt when fitting it & also it maybe difficult getting the brush roll into the proper slots of the chassis because there is so much tension in the belt. This tension is normal & is necessary to make the brush roll spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. Make sure the brush roll runs freely back & forth a few times before switching the vacuum cleaner on at the mains, if it is jammed by the brush roll cover it WILL BREAK your new belt within seconds & cause a rubber burning smell & smoke to come from the motor spindle side. A common question asked is why do vacuum belts break often & what can be done to prevent the breakage? Just because a vacuum cleaner belt is correctly installed does not mean that it’s immune or guaranteed from breaking at any time. A number of factures can cause belt breakage, one example being worn out or seized brush roll end bearings. Another instance which occurs more frequently is SNAGGING, which is caused by running over the rim edge / tassels of a rug or a blanket / socks or mobile phone / I pod charger leads or often the vacuum cleaners own power cord or maybe if you have a height regulator dial / beater bar stop fitted to your vacuum, you must make sure it is not set to a too lower setting which will then drag the bristles slowly on any thicker carpet / rug and ware out the rubber belt quicker as it is wanting to spin faster that it would be allowed. When situations such as this occur either the belt will get hot & stretch over long & will not spin fast enough or the brush bar will jam solid & the belt then gets stuck & overheats on one spot resulting in sudden breakage due to the tension of the belt. To prevent belt breakage it is best remembered to keep a few things in mind while vacuuming. Make sure the vacuum is on the right height pick up setting where fitted. Make sure you don’t pick up anything other than dust / fluff. Over time a belt becomes more elastic & loose around the brush roll, consequently the brush roll will no longer turn at the appropriate revolutions per minute. A vacuum cleaner belt being too loose & much thinner / longer than a new one will cause the vacuum not to function at an optimal level so this can be avoided if the old belt is changed every 6~12 months or so. Vacuum cleaners break belts very often for many people & now you understand why & how such problems can be avoided. Following these simple steps can help prevent vacuum cleaner belt breakage & optimal pick up levels. One extra free of charge tip is to check your filters every month & keep your filters clean at all times (either wash or replace them regularly). Established 1981 Courtesy of 01535 210209

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 13 May, 2017.
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